1. Jenkins Tent

2. The Thorp / Grayson Tent

3. The Plunkett Tent

4. Doster Tent

5. Tom Elliott, Jr./Drew Elliott

6. Cook Tent

7. Gardner / Langford Tent

8. Head Tent

9. John Cowan Tent

10. Barnett Tent

11. Amy & Daniel Morgan Tent

12. Bill Rogers Tent

13. Bellefeuille / Russell Tent

14. Kemp Tent

15. J.T. Hicks Tent

16. Bob H. Elliott Tent

17. Vaughn Tent

18. Cowan Tent

19. Ansley Ogletree Tent

20. Atkinson / Kincaid / Wunder Tent

21. Cunningham / Ramsey Tent

22. Ellington Tent

23. Don Ogletree Tent

24. Brown Tent / Ingle Tent

25. Parks - Hicks Tent

26. The Oak: Mary Lee Kelly

27. Caretakers House


Salem's campus is covered with beautiful old trees and the tents (cabins) are positioned in a semi circle around the 150 plus year old Tabernacle.

Camper hook ups and bath houses are to the left of the campus.

Morning Watch starts at 7:30 am, followed by classes at 9:30 am - many of the classes are held in the Salem United Methodist Church - and church at 11am. The afternoons are filled with an abundance of children's activities. The afternoon soft ball game has become an anticipated tradition for children and adults! The playground is available to children 12 and under as long as there is no church service going on. The playground, porches and Salem campus remain reverent during church hours.

Tenters are awakened to the trumpeting of Reveille and retire with Taps. They are summoned to services and activities by Salem's bell.

Salem Camp Meeting welcomes everyone. Participants come from all walks and geographical locations to take part in the offerings at Salem. Join Us!

The tabernacle at Salem is on the National Historical Building Survey of the Library of Congress as one of the nation's historic building. The entire campground is on the National Historic Register.

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