Salem Board of Trustees

Trustee Election Year
Sam Ramsey, Chairman 1966
W.T. Rogers, Secretary & Treasurer 1969
Tom Barnett 1976
Alvin Vaughn 1976
Tom Elliott, Jr. 1986
Jerry Marrett 1986
Ansley Ogletree 1986
Roland Vaughn, Vice Chairman 1990
Chuck Thorp 1993
Ann Ramsey Cook 1994
Gill Sallade 1995
Benny Potts 1995
B.Carter Rogers 1999
Judson Shore Doster 2000
Leigh Milton 2005
Laura Kemp 2006
Drew Elliott 2007
Casey Thorp 2007
Tony Ramsey 2007
Jimi Forward 2008
Michael R Vaughn (Buck) 2008
Joanna McDonald 2008
Dan Morgan 2008
Joe Cook 2008
Jane Langford 2009
Ken Parkinson 2009
Jonathan Andersen 2010
Sandra Keller 2010
Darrell Huckaby 2012
Alice Walker 2015

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