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You can support the mission of Salem in several ways. All gifts are tax deductible (tax exempt number 23-7452506):

1. Give online with a credit or debit card

Click the button below to make a one-time or recurring donation with a credit card, debit card, or via PayPal.

2. Make a donation during worship services throughout the week

3. Give to the Salem Endowment

Gifts to the endowment are invested, and only the interest is used for upkeep and capital improvements. Gifts to the endowment of $1000 or more may be made in honor or memory of a loved one.

4. Send donations by mail to:

Dr. B. Carter Rogers
Salem Camp Ground
PO Box 243
Conyers, GA 30012

5. Buy a memorial paver stone for the Vaughn Memorial Gardens!

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Donors to the Salem endowment


John Addison & Family in memory of Ruth Addison, in memory of Helen Moore

The Family of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Allen in memory of Howard Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Allen in memory of Mrs. Verba O. Smith

Imogene Allen in honor of Charles Keith Allen, in honor of Ronald Layne Allen

Jim, Beth & JoElla Andersen in memory of Floria Mann Andersen

Jim & Beth Andersen in honor of Bill & Patricia Rogers

Will and Farley Andersen – in honor of Bill & Patricia Rogers, in honor of Beth & Jim Andersen, in honor of Dr. P. Alice Rogers, in honor of Burks Thomas Andersen

Scott Barnett – in honor of Tom & June Barnett

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Barnett in honor of Helen Ballenger Logino

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Barnett – in memory of Darlene & Howard Barnett, in memory of Minton & Hiram Smith, in honor of Tessa & Jim Melton, in honor of Leah & Scott Barnett, in honor of the grandchildren of June & Tom Barnett

Mr. & Mrs. C.L. Bellefeuille, Jr. Family to the Glory of God

Alexander Hicks Bowen in honor of Roy & Jimi Hicks Forward

Jimi H.& Alexandra H. Bowen – in memory of J.T. Hicks, Sr., in honor of Lois R. Hicks

Oliver & Ethel Capes

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Christian

Mrs. Presley W. Christian in memory of Mr. Presley W. Christian

Larry Clark & Jill Ogletree in honor of Ansley & Reba Ogletree, in honor of Wayne & Kim Hicks

Pierce & Margie Cline

Herbert & Ann Cook

Herbert Cook in honor of Ann R. Cook

The Cook Family in memory of Herbert Cook

Joe & Monica Cook in memory of Sarah Rose Atkinson

Tom & Gloria Cotton in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Emory L. Piper, Sr.

Claire T. Cowan Family in memory of Claire T. Cowan

Dorothy & Walter Cowan & Suzanne Clegg in memory of Montine Smith Cowan

Walter L. Cowan, Suzanne & Mike Lindsey in memory of Dorothy Cowan

Mrs. Walter L. Cowan, Sr. in memory of Walter Cowan, Sr. & Jr.

Cowan Family in memory of Dr. Zach S. Cowan

Evelyn E. Cox in memory of Mr. & Mrs. V.C. Ellington, Sr.

Glenda Doster – in memory of Wayne Doster

Judson Doster & Paige Farley in honor of Glenda Doster

Judd & Teresa Doster – in memory of J.B. Doster, in honor of Miriam Shore, in honor of Glenda Doster George, in memory of C. Wayne Doster, in honor of their children

Judson Doster – in honor of Teresa Doster

Mrs. Frankie M. Elliott

John & Melissa Elliott in memory of James H. Elliott, Jr & Monte I. Burgett, Jr.

Pete & Louise Elliott, Betty Elliott McCollum in memory of Mr. H. Haywood Elliott, Sr.

Mary Gene Elliott in memory of James H. Elliott, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Elliott, Jr.;

Mrs. Thomas Elliott; Tom, Jr. & Drew Elliott in memory of Mr. Thomas W. Elliott, Sr.

Tom, Kelly, Lucy & Thomas Elliott in memory of Ellen S. Henson, in honor of Agnes M. Elliott “Gran-Gran”, in honor of Gilford Lewis “Giggy”

Daniel & Paige Farley – in honor of Joshua Swaney, in honor of Anna Catherine Farley

Steve & Renee Farrar – in honor of Bryan Farrar, in honor of Pat & Norm Kinder, in honor of Kristin & George McCown, in honor of Myers McCown, in memory of Irene Moseley Dow, in honor of Jacob McCown (grandson)

Roy & Jimi Hicks Forward – (2) in honor of Mrs. Lois Hicks,(2) in memory of J.T. “Sonny” Hicks, Jr.,  in honor of Ellin Jenkins Allison,  in memory of  Ralph Reagan, in memory of J.T. & Lois Hicks, in memory of Mike Reagan, in honor of Roland & Betty Reagan

Estate of Herman Francis

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Gardner in honor of Mr. & Mrs. John R. Langford

Lane & Merry Grayson in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Case Thorp

Mrs. Lavinia Griffin in memory of Dr. John B. Griffin, Jr.

Mrs. Harold T. Hagan – in honor of Dr. & Mrs. J.B. Griffin, in honor of Dr. & Mrs. Nat G. Long, in honor of Dr. & Mrs. Nat H. Long, in honor of Mary Frances Ramsey, in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Sam D. Ramsey, in honor of Ed & Ot Cowan

Kenneth & Amanda Hall in memory of Mrs. Joe Butler Goggans

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Hampton

Enid & Tom Hanson in honor of our grandchildren, in honor of Dorothy Smith Helms

Mr. & Mrs. Don A. Hairston in honor of their children, Jocelyn & Don, Jr.

Eleanor & John Hamlett in honor of Chaplain & Mrs. Luther McArthur

Randolph Harris in memory of Maj. Clent Harris

Jimmy & Rosie Head – (2) in memory of James Reginald Head

Kathryn P. Head – (2) in memory of James Reginald Head

Mr. & Mrs. J.T. Hicks in memory of J.T. Hicks, Sr. & Dr. J.C Brown

Mr. & Mrs. J.T. Hicks, Jr. & Family in honor of Mrs. Mary Frances Calhoun

Mr. & Mrs. Parks H. Hicks, Parks & Frances Hicks – in honor of Margaret Dunn, in honor of Martha Hicks, in honor of Marion Hicks, in memory of Swanson & Myrtie Hicks

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Hicks in memory of Swanson & Myrtie Hicks

Mr. Vollie A. & Beverly J. Hicks in memory of Clyde & Ada Blanche Hicks

John M. & Corrine Ramsey

Hollingsworth Family

Tim & Suzanne Elliott Howard in honor of Bobby & Nancy Elliott

Tim & Suzanne Howard & Nancy Elliott in memory of R.H. Elliott, Jr.

Suzanne Howard  in memory of Bobby & Nancy Elliott

Ed Howell

Darrell & Lisa Huckaby in honor of Jamie, Jackson & Jenna,  (2) in honor of Henley Walker Fairchild, in honor of Benny & Bitzi Potts, in honor of Sam & Becky Ramsey, in honor of Bill & Pat Rogers

Mr. & Mrs. J. Gibson Hull in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Mercer W. Hull

Wayne & Harold Ingle Families, Frances Ingle in memory of Harold Ingle

L. Wayne Ingle in honor of Solid Rock Ministries, Col. Div.

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Ingle in honor of Chris & Caroline Ingle

Mr. Grady Jeffares in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Harold T. Hagan

Paul M. & Elizabeth F. Johnson in honor of Randall & Sara Ann Meadows

Amy & Bowman Jordan – in honor of the Rogers Family, in honor of Dr. P. Alice Rogers, in honor of the James Mann Andersen Family, in honor of the Michael Prevost Family, in honor of the B. Carter Rogers Family

Bliss & Lynne Jones – in memory of the Sims Family, in memory of Mr. & Mrs. R.H. Sims, Sr.

Charles D. Jordan

Mr. & Mrs Grady M. Jordan

Mary Lee Kelly - Descendants of Vollie &  Boyd Ogletree Almand, in memory of J.T. (Sonny) Hicks & Mrs. Carolyn Brown, in memory of Carl & Leo Almand, in memory of Wayne Doster, in honor of Rev. Thomas Elliott,  in memory of Mr. Tom Elliott

Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Kemp

The Kemp Girls – in memory of Reba Tate

Dana Sue Kemp, Martha Kemp Thompson,

& Laura Ramsey Kemp in memory of Susie Ramsey Kemp

Laura Kemp – in honor of Dana Kemp, in honor of Martha Thompson

Betty & Dave Kincaid in memory of Rosemary Robertson Wunder, in memory of William Douglas Robertson

Patricia & Norman Kinder in honor of Renee & Steve Farrar

Ladies of Salem – to the Glory of God

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Langford in memory of Lois Gardner

Rachel & Erin Forward & Kevin Lear in honor of Lottie Marchman

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Lewis in memory of Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Lewis

Suzanne Lindsey in memory of Mike Lindsey

Dr. Nat Harrison Long – in honor of Mrs. Nat H. (Mary Catherine) Long, My Dear Wife

Dr. & Mrs. Nat Harrison Long – in honor of Mr.& Mrs. Samuel D. Ramsey, in memory of Mary Frances Ramsey, in memory of Mr. & Mrs. John B. Griffin, Sr., in memory of Mr. Robert H. Elliott, Jr.

Charles & Jan Lory

W.K. Lunsford, Jr. & Family in memory of Mrs. Helen Almand Lunsford

Mrs. J.B. Maddox – in memory of J.B. Maddox

Mary Jane & John Maddox in memory of Mary Sue & J.B. Maddox

Mr. & Mrs. Leo Mallard – in memory of Mr. A. Belmont Dennis, in memory of Mabel  Session Dennis, in memory of Leo S. Mallard

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis F. & Helen Mann in memory of Mr. & Mrs. W.O. Mann, Sr.

Helen Mann & Families of Jim

Ramsey & Rick Goss in honor of Mary & Spence Ramsey

Helen Mann, Mr. & Mrs. Spence Ramsey in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Parker

Renee C. Marrett

Mr. & Mrs. George H. Martin in memory of Mrs. Abbie S. Rice

George H. Martin Family in memory of George H. Martin

H.A. McCord, Jr. in memory of H.Y. McCord, Sr.

Joe H. McDonald, Jr. in honor of Dr. Joseph C. Brown Family, in honor of Joanna Brown McDonald

Joe & Joanna McDonald in memory of Carolyn M. Brown, in memory of Dr. Joseph C. Brown

Family of Ann Milton in honor of Ann Milton

Leigh, Tonya, Shelby & Natalie Milton in honor of Ken & Ann Milton, in memory of Martha Van Sant, in memory of Ralph C. Jenkins, in memory of Ralph Jenkins, in memory of Ellin Jenkins Allison, in memory of Bobby & Karen Milton, in honor of Mr. & Mrs. C.R. Whitfield, Jr., in memory of Mrs. Pat Kennedy, in memory of

Leigh & Tonya Milton in honor of Shelby & Natalie Milton

Mrs. Gertrude L. Mitchell

Mrs. Gertrude L. Mitchell Estate

Amy, Dan & Jarrett Morgan in honor of Hannah Morgan & Brandon Pye

Errol B. Nichols – in honor of Mary Lee Kelly, Helen & Mary Alice Nichols

Mrs. C.O. Nixon in memory of Mr. C.O. Nixon

Estate of  C.O. & Nell Nixon

Hardy H. Ogletree in memory of Mrs. Lil Ogletree

Hope & Emma Mae Ogletree in memory of Mr. & Mrs. John Ogletree

Grandchildren in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Wardie H. Ogletree

Mrs. Marie E. Pate – in memory of William M. Pate, in memory of Mr. & Mrs. V.C Ellington, in memory of Evelyn Ellington Cox

Florence Fowler Peacock

Jonathan A. Perkerson in memory of Mr. & Mrs. J. Alex Perkerson

Jacquelyn C. Pennington in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Christian

Benny & Bitzi Potts in memory of Mr. & Mrs. D. W. Potts, in honor of Lisa & Darrell Huckaby & Family, & Eddie & Terry Lynn Potts & Family, in memory of Eddie Potts

Mr. William R. Powell

Mike & Rebecca Prevost in memory of Sara Rose Atkinson, to the Glory of God, in honor of Bill &Patricia Rogers, (2) in honor of Albert & Tricia Prevost, in honor of Beth & Jim Andersen’s 40th Anniversary, in honor of Jonathan & Emily Ralls Andersen

Ramsey & Kemp Families & Friends in memory of Aaron Kemp

The Ramsey Family – in memory of Miss Martha Cunningham Ramsey

Mrs. C.D., Sam & Becky Ramsey in memory of Mr. C.D. Ramsey, Jr., in honor of Dr. John B. & Rev. Sidney S. Tate, in memory of Samuel Irving & Nan Sawyer Cowan

From the Family in memory of Mrs. Mary Sue Hull Ramsey

Mrs. George W. Ramsey, Sr. in memory of Mr. George W. Ramsey, Sr.

Jimmy & Laurie Ramsey & Family - in memory of Spence & Mary Ramsey, in memory of Ricky Gray

Jimmy & Sam Ramsey in memory of George M. Cunningham, Jr.

Sam & Becky Ramsey – in honor of Mrs. C.D. (Mary Frances) Ramsey, in memory of Mary Frances Cowan Ramsey, in memory of John B. Griffin, in memory of Ella Mae Griffin, in honor of Dr. John B. & Lavinia Griffin, in honor of Ken & Alice Walker, in memory of Dr. John B. Griffin, Jr.

Becky Griffin Ramsey – in honor of Sam Ramsey

Sam Ramsey – in honor of Becky Ramsey

Mr. & Mrs. Spence Ramsey in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Coe D. Ramsey, Sr.

The Tony Ramsey Family – in memory of Spence Ramsey, in memory of Mary Parker Ramsey, in memory of Helen P. Mann

Mr. & Mrs. Alton B. Roberts, Jr. – in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Alton B. Roberts, Sr., in memory of Bob H. & Nell Elliott

Tom Roberts – in honor of Susan Heare Roberts

Tom & Susan Roberts – in memory of Joseph Heare, in honor of Jean Heare, (2) in honor of Venie & Henry Roberts, in memory of Thomas H. Roberts, in memory of Venie Roberts, in honor of Catherine, Michael & Thomas Drake Givens, in honor of Donny H. Roberts, in honor of Sam & Becky Ramsey, in memory of Ken Milton, in honor of Catherine Roberts Givens, in honor of William C. Wells

Susan Heare Roberts in honor of Tom Roberts

Dr. & Mrs. B. Carter Rogers – in memory of Mrs. Sammie Flaherty, in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Vaughn, Jr., in honor of Bill & Pat Rogers, in honor of their children

Dr. P. Alice Rogers – in honor of Beth & Jim Andersen & Fam., in honor of Amy & Bowman Jordan, in honor of Rebecca & Mike Prevost & Family, in honor of Dr. & Mrs. B. Carter Rogers, in honor of Bill & Patricia Rogers, in memory of Mrs. Robert H. Elliott, Sr. “Mema”

Hinton Rogers – Eagle Scout Project

Perry Rogers – Eagle Scout Project

Bill & Pat Rogers – in memory of Lois Hicks, in honor of Mr. Steve Warren, in honor of Bobby & Nancy Elliott

Judi & John Romines – in memory of Mrs. Jennie E. Jenkins (Mama Jenks), in memory of Ara & Joe Jenkins, in memory of Ellin Jenkins Allison, in memory of Ken Milton

Charles & Beth Russell in honor of their children

Gil & Nan Sallade, Will & Mathew in memory of R.H Elliott, Jr., in memory of Nancy Elliott, in memory of Mr. & Mrs. William E. Sallade

Scott & Anna Searcy – in memory of Dr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Brown, in honor of Lillian Elizabeth Searcy

Dr. & Mrs. Joe W. Sharp in honor of Judge & Mrs. C.R. Vaughn, Jr.

Brad Shore & the Emory Center for

Myth & Ritual in American Life

Mrs. Frances Candler Shumway – in memory of Bishop W.H. Candler & Charles Candler

Billy & Cris Smith in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Smith, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Smith, Jr. in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Smith Sr.

Fred A. Straub – in honor of Clarence Vaughn, in memory of Doris Vaughn

John C. & Marcie Tanner & Family – in memory of Fred & Alice Haynes Tanner, in memory of Terrell B. Tanner, M.D., in memory of Ralph & Lonette Cash, in honor of Martha Cash Tanner, in honor of Don & Sherri Wengler

John C. Tanner in honor of Marcie Wengler Tanner

Martha Tanner & Children in memory of Terrell B. Tanner, M.D.

Martha Tanner – in memory of Dr. Terrell Tanner

Dr. Terrell B. Tanner – in honor of Grandchildren

Dr. Terrell Tanner Family – in honor of Dr. Terrell Tanner, in memory of C.D. Ramsey, Jr.

Tom Thompson in memory of Sara Sue Ramsey Thompson

Chuck & Julie Thorp in honor of Our Grandchildren

Owen D. & Virginia B. Turner in honor of Dr. Paul T. Eckel

Owen D. Turner in memory of Virginia Turner

Alvin & Paula Vaughn

Spar Inc. – Alvin Vaughn & Paula Vaughn

Alvin H. Vaughn & Paula Vaughn

Mr. & Mrs. C.R. Vaughn, Jr.

Mrs. Doris Vaughn

Mrs. C.R. Vaughn, Sr.

A. Guinn Vaughn & Reunette Vaughn in memory of Judge C.R. Vaughn, Sr.

Mr. L.C. Vaughn in memory of Mr. & Mrs. R.B. Vaughn

Roland & Alvin Vaughn

Alice and Ken Walker – in honor of Samuel David Ramsey, in honor of Becky Griffin Ramsey, in memory of Mrs. Blanche Hagan, in honor of Sam & Becky Ramsey  

Alice Griffin Walker – in memory of Mr.& Mrs. John B. Griffin, Sr., in memory of Dr. John B. Griffin, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth I. Walker, Sr.

Mr. Kenneth J. Walker

Mr. & Mrs. Elbert Watson

Estate of Elbert & Adeline Elliott Watson

Adeline Elliott Watson in memory of Elbert Watson

Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Watson

Steven D. Warren in honor of Bill & Pat Rogers

Mavis Wiggins in memory of James Wiggins

Mr. C.E. Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zawinsky - in honor of Timothy Michael & Rebecca Nelle Zawinsky